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Meet Dave!

I decided to become a beekeeper seven years ago to help improve the pollination of my garden. Another draw was the health benefits of local raw honey when dealing with seasonal allergies - something I've long suffered from.

I started with one package of bees and a single hive in 2015. As of fall 2020, I am up to 19 hives spread throughout the West Michigan area. Since my first honey harvest, I've consumed 1 tablespoon of raw honey every morning and haven't had to take an allergy pill in years. 

One thing I quickly learned was that honey bees are fascinating. I've learned all that I can about them through books, attending seminars and conferences, and working with my bees.


How I Can

Help You

If you have a swarm of bees in your yard, the first thing is to be sure they are honey bees and not yellow jackets. If they are honeybees I can come safely capture them for you. If you still aren't sure, Raid® has an excellent insect ID tool.














As a licensed builder specializing in remodeling, if honey bees have moved into your home I can open up the area, remove them, and close up the area properly - sealing it so other bees can't move in. 

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